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Maruti Suzuki Auto Dealers Annual Conference

Recently, Maruti Suzuki organised their annual dealer’s conference and we provided our vehicles and services for the auto show. We provided 10 Mercedes Viano and V250 vans, 1 Porsche Cayenne and 2 Lexus for the exhibit. In addition to that, we provided luxury transport services to and from the event and airport transfers to the top executives. Overall the 5 days long event was a huge success.

Personal contact is extremely important even in this digital era. Digitalisation has enabled us to communicate in multiple ways, through blogs, emails, tweets and other similar approaches. But even then personal networking holds its importance because it is still the most effective form of communication. This is the primary reason why auto shows, trade shows and dealer conferences take place.

Here are a couple of reasons why we think that these auto shows are important for our industry

  1. It provides networking opportunities
    Auto dealer’s conferences serve as a great platform for networking and meeting professionals. Building a good network is very important to thrive in the competitive business environment.
  2. Good marketing exhibit
    These conferences also serve the purpose of a marketing platform. Almost all the leading professionals and companies attend these conferences therefore it is actually a good opportunity to advertise your product. Since we are only talking about businesses here, these conferences might not be very good for B2C marketing but you can effectively run a B2B marketing campaign and reach out for businesses to partner with.
  3. Helps in understanding the auto-industry better
    Usually such dealer’s conferences have discussions that cover all the recent advancements and changes that have occurred in the industry. Therefore, by attending these conferences you stay informed about the relevant updates in your particular industry. This helps you to stay ahead of your competition.
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