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Sydney Fashion Week 2017

This year’s Sydney Fashion Week was organised by Mercedes Benz and it took place from 14th May 2017 to 19th May 2017. Dion Lee presented the opening collection and other big and prominent names in the fashion industry such as Thomas Puttick, Albus Lumen, Bianca Spender, Justin Cassin and others also showcased their collections.

Dion Lee’s opening exhibit in front of Opera House

Dion Lee inaugurated the show by presenting his collection outdoors in front of the Sydney Opera House. The weather cooperated and outdoor show happened successfully without a hitch.

Lee presented his Resort collection that ranged from straight silhouettes suits to flowy and bright coloured satin gowns.

Thomas Puttick brought diversity to the runway

Thomas Puttick’s exhibit was another highlight of the show. He challenged the similarity on the runway and presented his collection with a unique choice of models. He brought diversity to the runway and said that these strong women were his inspiration behind this collection.

He dedicated his new collection to empowered women who have strong opinions and who carry themselves.
The models presented diversity in terms of age, body shape, size, ethnicity and skin colour. Some of the prominent names from his fashion exhibit were Dina Broadhurst, Nima Davif, Nadine Bush and Yvonne Tozzi.

His collection comprised of traditional and classic silhouettes. It comprised of slip dresses, coats, oversized pants and tube skirts. The collection was relevant, practical and was coherent with his campaign message that anybody can wear this collection.

Bianca Spender’s pastel dream collection

Bianca Spender also presented her collection on Day 1 of Sydney Fashion Week. While the runway was dominated by bold prints, bright colored hues and ruffled layers, her collection comprised of pastel hues and clean straight cut dresses.

She complimented her simple and classic dress designs with bold dinosaur accented accessories. Accessories provided some character and edge to her overall collection.

VMAJOR debut on MBFWA- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017

VMajor is another prominent name in Australian fashion landscape. Victor Zhu and Nicole Lin are the designers for the brand. They made their debut n this year’s MBFWA. The featured trendy and practical clothing options with modern cuts.

Ten Pieces wrapped up the show

Ten Pieces is a unisex street wear label. It presented its collection on the last day of Sydney Fashion Week. Ten Pieces is the brain child of Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinkfuss. The label was launched in 2015 and has gained massive popularity in recent years due to its philosophy.

Mariam Seddiq also presented her collection on the last day of MBFWA- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Her collection was very feminine in nature with flowy skirts and trendy pieces.

These were the highlights of MBFWA 2017. Fashion landscape is changing globally. Designers are creating their collections to cater to a diverse set of markets and we can see more diversity on the runways globally.

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